"people have so many feelings they're unable to express. when you put those feelings on canvas, you make them real. it's like music: hard to describe but easy to feel and share."

Katrin Karu (b.1975) is an Estonian painter who started her artistic career quite recently, in 2012. Her structural and large sized paintings have been purchased by private collectors in Germany, France, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Estonia. She has graduated from Tallinn University, studying art, technical drawing and advertising. In last two years she has held four personal exhibitions (three of them in 2015) and painted several commissioned works, largest of them being four themed series for Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel. In March 2018 she launched her own fashion brand Katrin Karu Off the Canvas, more info will follow soon.

She is mother of two sons and founding member of Estonian Women's Cognac Club.


+372 5667 3111